Pilates is a safe and effective form of exercise during pregnancy and the post-natal period. Benefits of pilates during pregnancy include management of back/pelvic pain, improved posture, improved pelvic floor strength & function, increased strength of the muscles that help with childbirth, and a quicker recovery post-baby!! It also helps with the physical demands that come with a baby (lifting, feeding, bathing). You can commence pregnancy pilates after 12 weeks gestation. Following the birth of the baby, post-pilates will aid in the recovery of the effects of pregnancy and childbirth. We work to re-strengthen pelvic floor and core-muscles to get you back to pre-baby strength. In our post-natal classes, you are welcome to bring your new baby so babysitting won’t be an issue! You can commence post-natal pilates 6 weeks after a Caesarian section or whenever you are comfortable following a vaginal delivery.


Physiotherapy can help with a broad range of conditions throughout pregnancy and in the post-natal period. Pain in pregnancy (most commonly back and pelvic pain) is not unusual and mostly a result in your body changing. However, it can be treated to make your pregnancy journey a far more comfortable one. The most common conditions treated during pregnancy are pubic symphysis and sacro-iliac joint pain (pelvic girdle pain), lower back pain, upper back/neck pain, tailbone pain, and wrist/hand problems. In the post-natal period abdominal muscle separation (rectus diastasis), back pain and pelvic pain are often treated by our physiotherapists.

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